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Party FAQs

- How do I Book?
You must book online at this link

- If I have questions who do I contact?
Please send an email to

- Can I bring in food or drinks?
Sorry we can not allow any outside food or drinks. Except for Cake, Cupcakes, Cookies or Ice Cream.

- Can I bring in a coke?
Yes, we allow a cake, cookies, cupcakes or Ice Cream 

- What food is included and what other food is there?
Each package has a set number of 14"  pizzas included. If you would like to add on more pizzas or other food we have a full selection. To view the current selection click here

- Do you have a bar?
Yes we have a full bar with mixed drinks, beer and wine

- Can I  bring in decorations?
Yes you can, we just ask you don't attach anything to the walls. Each room does have windows that you're able to attach decorations to. You also can bring in a backdrop if you would like. 

- How much time before my party can I be in the room to setup?
You're able to come into the room 15 minutes before your start time

- How long after my end time can I stay in the room to pack up?
You are able to stay 5 minutues after your end time. Please keep this strict end time in mind and start to pack up early if needed as anyone who is still in the room after that will be charged a fee of $45 per 5 minutes. We need to do this ensure the next party has time to be in the room on time and we have time to clean between parties.

- Do the times on the party packages mean I can only stay at Astro for that time?
No, you are welcome to come early and stay after your party times and enjoy Astro. The times listed are the times you will have the private room for. We have tables that are first come first serve outside the rooms if you would like to have somewhere to sit before or after your party room time.

- Are the party rooms only for kids parties?
No we can host any type of party or event from kids to adults. 

- Does everyone need to pay?
No, we only charge for those going on the attracions. If you have people who are just coming and not going on attractions there is No charge for them. 

- What are the height and age requirements for the attractions?
Please see the full list here

- How many people can I have in the room?
Four of our rooms fit up to 50 people and we have a larger room that can fit 150 people. When booking there will be a question that asks how many people and we will assign a room based on the number listed.

- Can I have a tour of Astro ?
Yes we would happy to show you around Astro Fun World, please stop in anytime we're open ask the front desk for a tour.

- What attractions do you have? 
We have 10 attractions, see the full list right here

- How many arcade credits do I get?
Each party package includes a set number of arcade game credits. You can purchase more if you choose. The prices are listed here

- What are the rescheduling or cancelation policies for parties?
You can not reschedule a party less than 7 days in advance. If less than 7 days in advance and you need to cancel you will be charged the full amount of the party balance due. If you need to reschedule and the party is more than 7 days away, then you may do so, however the new date must be up Astro Fun World's discretion on a less busy date and time. Example would be a Friday evening, or a weekday when Astro Fun World is open such as Spring or Summer Break. We can not reschedule parties during our peak times such as Saturdays and Sundays. 

A non-refundable deposit of $150 is required for all parties. The deposit will be given as a credit on the final bill at the party. Once you sign the contract the deposit can not be returned. Should you cancel the party less than 7 days before the date we reserve the right to charge you in full for the party rental.


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